NEW Range of EDM drills 

    Competetively priced for CNC fuction

    • Auto compensation - works out %wear based on real cutting
    • 3 stage discharge control 
    • Minimal user input for CNC functions 
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  • New Tooling

    New Tooling offered by Eurospark

    Complete tooling package available

    • Innovatie design accomodates your existing tooling
    • Designed to provide a complete start up tooling system
    • Other tooling is available to suit your application
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  • Eurospark Joemars Wire EDM Series

    New Eurospark Joemars Wire EDM Series

    Our Latest Wire Spark Eroder

    • Advanced Generator Design
    • Faster Cutting Speeds
    • Smaller Footprint

    Still avaliable as coaxial flushing or submerged, with or with out automatic wire threading - to suit most budgets.

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  • TRM 100 Broken Tap Remover

    TRM 100 Broken Tap Remover

    An easy solution to removing broken taps, studs, or making minor alterations, without having to bring the part to a machine.

    This unit can give major savings as complicated set ups are left intact, and that expensive part salvaged!

    • Single Phase
    • Portable
    • Low Cost Solution
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  • Hole Drill

    EDM Fast Hole Drill

    Ideal for drilling hardened steel, alloys, and tungsten carbide - infact any conductive material hard or soft!

    Will drill holes through curved or slanted surfaces where conventional drilling would not be possible.

    • Diameters 0.3mm-3mm (optional upto 6mm)
    • 3 Axis DRO
    • Fully Auomated Cutting Cycle
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  • Spark Erosion

    EDM Machine

    Easy maintenence - all PC boards are sectioned within a modular internal design. LEDs are used to indicate the status of fuses and these modules. This allows us to keep service costs to a minimum!

    Automated machining

    • Multi Cavity
    • Side Sparking
    • Orbit Cutting for Improved Surface Finish
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Welcome to Eurospark

Eurospark is a recognised expert in the very specialised field of spark erosion. Eurospark offers unrivalled knowledge and support for Joemars, Eurospark, Agemaspark, and Hurco EDM Machines. Our support is enhanced by substantial investments in stocked spares and consumables.