CNC EDM Hole Drill

Product Details


Affordable CNC models with a range of features at a similar price to a manual machine.

Already sold in the USA and in Europe - high quality level of build - comes with 0.3mm - 6.0mm electrode diameter as standard. 0.01mm/100mm accuracy.

Easy to use - minimal user inputs to load cutting data and create CNC programs.

Automatic wear check - the machine checks the exact wear based on real time cutting information - wear ratios will be right every time.

Breakthrough condtions - each cut will be automatically set for entry, main, and exit cutting to ensure the best finish and high speed machining.

Hankook EDM Drill 1000



Table Size X x Y500 x 400mm940 x 450mm940 x 450mm1140 x 580mm1200 x 710mm1200 x 800mm
Travel X x Y x Z510 x 300 x 250mm550 x 300 x 360mm650 x 400 x 360mm750 x 450 x 360mm1050 x 600 x 360mm1300 x 800 x 360mm
Dimensions W x D x H1390 x 1320 x 1950mm1790 x 1710 x 2240mm1790 x 1710 x 2240mm1910 x 1990 x 2240mm2910 x 1480 x 2200mm2850 x 1390 x 2140mm
Machine Weight900KG1100KG1100KG1700KG1800KG2000KG
Max Workpiece Weight100KG300KG300KG500KG1000KG1000KG
Water 70L70L70L130L130L90L