EDM Hole Drills

  • D Series EDM Drill

    With its compact design, simple operation, and newly developed sparking circuits, the D series EDM Hole Drill is an ideal entry level machine.

    • Drills hardened steel, alloys, tungsten carbide.
    • Holes 0.2mm to 3mm.
    • Integral 3 axis DRO.
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  • DZ Series EDM Drill

    Advanced EDM drill with Fuzzy logic control system. Can be set with only 3 operator inputs - Machining materials - Electrode diameter - Electrode wear rate. This allows the machine to be set and operated with ease, and increases efficiency.

    • 100 sets of machining conditions.
    • Special high pressure pump design allowing efficient sparking and high stock removal.
    • Cutting conditions can be altered whilst sparking.
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