Spark Erosion

  • AZ Series

    Entry level machines that give high accuracy results and most engineers can be trained to begin sparking in less than an hour. The generator can be set with a minimal input of 4 parameters. There is also the option for Z axis power stepping and up to 50 different programs can be stored.

    • Fuzzy logic control system automatically monitors machining conditions and adjusts to keep cutting at optimum.
    • All electronics are transistorised using MOSFETs for enhanced performance.
    • Proven reliability performance and efficiency.
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  • NP Series

    Advanced CNC control that is easily programmed with conversational input and 3D graphic display of running and orbiting modes. Operator training is minimal and normally completed in a day. The machines allow unsupervised production, increasing your output.

    • 17 kinds of Loran & Orbit function
    • Dual voltage currents being synchronously discharged allows faster metal removal rate
    • Dialogue programming
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