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New Joemars Fuzzy Logic Control System - "Probably the least complicated EDM machine available"

FZ 6

At a single glance the machine operator has a visual overview of the complete machining process. From the 3 axis DRO showing the electrode position to the specific machining parameters, set by only 4 operator inputs :-

Electrode type and material to be machined

Electrode size

Electrode wear rate

Maximum current

Once the above are entered, the machine will auto set, and carry out machining automatically. It will alter setting if it encounters poor cutting conditions, and revert once they are cleared.



The fuzzy logic control system is a basic form of adaptive control it monitors the important machining parameters. If the machine encounters a problem whilst cutting, the parameters are automatically adjusted until the problem is cleared, then the control will revert to using the original settings






FZ 1


Programmable Z axis - 50 programs which can be a single step, or up to 10 steps

Each step can contain 12 different machining parameters. The machining parameters can be modified at any time during cutting without affecting the stored program.




 Using the fuzzy logic control system, most users have seen considerable improvements in machining time, surface finish, especially when machining thin ribs, and electrode wear rates.



    ModelJM320 CompactJM322JM430JM500JM650JM1050
    Work table, mm600 x 300600 x 300650 x 400720 x 520920 x 6001300 x 800
    Max work piece weight, kg550550900120022004000
    X Travel, mm3003004005006001000
    Y Travel, mm200200300400500500
    Z travel, mm200200200300280500
    Machine dimensions, mm L x D x H1530 x 1590 x 1955 1530 x 1590 x 21751455 x 1680 x 21551645 x 1900 x 24551825 x 2320 x 26252250 x 3150 x 3060
    Machine weight, kg100010501400180025006500