Used Tooling - Miscellaneous Items


  • 3R A3620 Adapater Plate

    3R A3620 Adapater Plate

    Recomended for machines that need insulation between tooling and quill. Used in conjunction with either the 3R 6-EX7/ 3R 6.5-EX7 Magnetic Chuck or 3R 27.2 Dovetail.

  • 3R 6-EX7 Magnetic Chuck

    3R 6-EX7 Magnetic Chuck

    This part requires the 3R A3620 Adapter Plate to be able to fit to the quill of the machine, and would require the 3R 321 4x90 chuck. - No Mag Controls available.

  • 3R 321 4x90 Chucks

    3R 321 4x90 Chucks

    Can be fitted to 3R A3620 Adapter Plate, 3R 6-EX7/3R 6.5/EX7 Magnet, and the 3R 6.571 Orbi Cut.

  • 3R 27.2 Dovetail

    3R 27.2 Dovetail

    This part requires the adapter plate to fit to the quill of the machine.

  • 3R 28.6 Dovetail

    3R 28.6 Dovetail

    Includes magnetic chuck to suit 3R 321 4X90 20mm chuck.

  • 3R Starter Kit

    3R Starter Kit

    Supplied as shown

  • 3R 30.6 Indexing Plate

    3R 30.6 Indexing Plate

    This part can only be used with a 3R 27.2 Dovetail (as shown).

  • 3R 321.46 Mini Block

    3R 321.46 Mini Block

    This part is used for machining electrodes vertically or horizontally.It can also be used on the quill in conjunction with the 3R A3592 Adapter Plate for horizontal electrodes.

  • 3R 6.571 Orbi Cut

    3R 6.571 Orbi Cut

    Used for sizing cavities with undersize electrodes, and producing thread forms. Used in conjunction with the 3R A3620 Adapter Plate, or the 3R29.2 Dovetail Adapter Plate, and the 3R 27.2 Dovetail.

  • 3R 656.31-XP Measuring Probe

    3R 656.31-XP Measuring Probe

    Measuring Probe with Reinshaw head, uses with machines that have a measuring cycle function.

  • 3R 314.2 Tee Bar

    3R 314.2 Tee Bar

    This part is used for setting up the following 3R equipment - Fits into a 3R 321 4x90 Chuck, 3R 321.46 Mini Block. It is also used for resetting the offset pins in the end of the 2 chucks mentioned.

  • 3R 653 Macro Chuck

    3R 653 Macro Chuck

    Used with Macro quill mounted holder to secure 20mm diameter electrode holders.

  • 3R 659.32 ER32 Macro Collet Chuck

    3R 659.32 ER32 Macro Collet Chuck

    Supplied as shown including collet set.

  • 3R 6.5 Indexing Magnet

    3R 6.5 Indexing Magnet

    Allows Electrode to be rotated through 360°

  • Hirschmann 8.511 MINIFIX Electrode Holder

    Hirschmann 8.511 MINIFIX Electrode Holder

    Machining block for MINIFIX electrodes on a Milling machine, used in conjunction with Hirschmann 8.811.1.

  • Hirschmann 5.50.8 Inspection Bar

    Hirschmann 5.50.8 Inspection Bar

    Used for setting Z axis and machining block alignments.

  • Hirschmann 8.811 Machining Block

    Hirschmann 8.811 Machining Block

    This part is table mounted and used for machining electrodes vertically or horizontally. 

  • Hirschmann MINIFIX Blanks

    Hirschmann MINIFIX Blanks

    Various MINIFIX copper electrode blanks to be used with 5.51.2 and 51.50 P Holders and P Shanks.

  • Hirschmann 8.12 Holder

    Hirschmann 8.12 Holder

    Used to hold Hirschman electrode holders and various Hirschmann quill options.

  • Hirschmann 5.51.2 Electrode Holder

    Hirschmann 5.51.2 Electrode Holder

    Used to mount electrodes for deep cavity applications.

  • EROWA 009222 Electrode Holders

    EROWA 009222 Electrode Holders

    Used for holding square faced electrodes and used on EROWA ITS40 Machining Block.

  • External Micrometer Set

    External Micrometer Set

    A set of 6 External Micrometers, sizes 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm, 75-100mm, 100-125mm, 125-150mm.

  • FANUC Motors

    FANUC Motors

    Basically unused Fanuc motors to suit machining centre, X, Y and Z axis.

  • 10" x 20" Magnetic Tables

    10" x 20" Magnetic Tables

    New and in original packaging. 2 available - one with wide pole pitches, one with very fine pole pitches.

  • Various Magnetic Tables

    Various Magnetic Tables

    Preowned. Various sizes, and pole pitches avaliable.

  • Wire Tooling A

    Wire Tooling A

    New tooling set as pictured, contains a variety of clamping equipment.

  • Wire Tooling B

    Wire Tooling B

    New tooling set as pictured. Contains a vice/clamp for use on wire erosion machines.

  • Wire Tooling C

    Wire Tooling C

    New tooling set as pictured. Contains 2 beams for use as a work holding aid on wire edm machines.